A life changing event in my life

Those of us who grow up and live the dream, are some of the lucky ones!

A life changing event in my life

How will you spend your femme time at My Changing Room? Here are some suggestions: Revel in frilly bliss, sophisticated silk. This includes gentle cleansing, a discussion of styles and colors, expert application, face lift taping if desired and false lashes.

Makeup lessons are also available with personalized charts, recommendations, photos and hands on practice. High heels in larger sizes and fun costumes too!

Pose demurely or as an all out vixen. Study and recreate poses from my look book. This can be a photo shoot, a fashion show or whatever you create. Bring your own camera if you prefer.

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All photos are with your permission and for your review only. A little attention to these aspects will elevate your confidence. Discuss, touch up lipstick and repeat. Now I want you to walk to that park bench, sit for a few minutes and stroll back to the car where I am waiting.

My Changing Room - Dressing for Pleasure

Are you ready to venture out? If so, let's go! We will visit friendly boutiques, shops, salons and restaurants or perhaps stroll in a local mall. If you plan to visit At My Changing Room, advance reservations are necessary, but you may always call to see if I happen to be available at a moment's notice.

At times I can be difficult to reach directly due to travel and other interests so please do not hesitate to call again and send e-mail!

We never rush - nor should you! Your time here will be relaxed; session length is flexible Weekdays 11 - 9 by appointment only Late,weekend, and extended sessions are available by special arrangement - please inquire. I require a same day confirmation.

If you do not confirm on the day of your appointment I will consider you a no-show and will not be available. An appointment is a commitment. In the event of a cancellation, I ask that you call as soon as possible so I may make good use of that time.

Please be courteous and realize that I make specific arrangements to see you and have reserved my time and space for YOU.Woori fan Nov 08 am I'm so in love with this drama. One of the best kdrama I've ever seen. I rewatch this drama for 4 times in this year. I very love it and never get bored.

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A life changing event in my life

"Since I joined the Global Leadership Circle with Marie Diamond my life has transformed in amazing ways. I began to travel much more and more widely, which had been a goal for many years. Your Vision. Your certified Lifebook director will guide you as you deeply examine the 12 life-categories that make you who you are.

Step by step, we’ll help you articulate your deepest beliefs and values. As the saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, I’ve certainly seen that to be true when it comes to my homemade cinnamon rolls.

Apartment Life is a faith based, non-profit organization that is motivated by the belief that every individual is created for community.

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