Buy research chemicals uk paypal telephone

Quality assurance BestRCS has our own lab to make sure all the products are under the quality control. Almost all of them are TOP quality the pure above In the unlikely event that you receive the wrong product or not so pure product, simply notify us then we can arrange an exchang or resend. This will be processed as soon as we have received and checked the incorrect product.

Buy research chemicals uk paypal telephone

Work in progress Work in progress Collecting the elements of the periodic table is a fun and interesting way to discover chemistry and nature in general.


Everyone can start a collection of elements and many elements can be found at home carbon, for example, can be found in pencils as graphite. Other elements can be more difficult to find, however. Ninety-two elements occur naturally on Earth. Unfortunately, even these can not all be collected.

Elements such as technetium, promethium, thorium and uranium are radioactive and are hard to come by both in nature and on the market.

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However, through us, you can collect up to eighty-six elements. In fact, Nova Elements offers the opportunity to collect 5 more elements than any other seller in the world, including some elements that do not occur naturally, such as americium metallic form ; and extremely rare elements such as technetium salt or metallic formpromethium saltand radium salt.

Nova Elements was founded with the idea of facilitating research of the elements of the periodic table for collectors all over the world. We materialise this idea by providing high purity samples at affordable prices, for use and for display, absolutely safe, for at home, in a laboratory, or in a museum.

Nova Elements is an Italian company, with its warehouse also located in Italy. Nova Elements operates on a global level, supplying to laboratories, universities, and private and public collectors.

buy research chemicals uk paypal telephone

With the cooperation of other laboratories throughout the world, Nova Elements can prepare and offer amazing samples of the rarest elements, like rubidium and caesium, and noble metals like rhodium and osmium, among many others, all at a purity of If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Connect to Facebook Introducing Nova Elements periodic table box. Finally everyone can collect and show the elements with our amazing box, it contains holes with the chemical symbol of every elements.

This box fits only our standard glass vials, it has realized with high quality material in Italy.welcome to rcnet chemicals We have been in supplying research chemicals for over 4 years and have gained a great reputation amongst researchers both online and offline.

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