Ch 1 4 answer key

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Ch 1 4 answer key

C4H10 Condensed or semi-structural formula: Two molecules composed of the same numbers of the same types of atoms i. In such cases, a structural formula is useful, as it illustrates which atoms are bonded to which other ones.

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From the connectivity, it is often possible to deduce the approximate shape of the molecule. A condensed chemical formula may represent the types and spatial arrangement of bonds in a simple chemical substance, though it does not necessarily specify isomers or complex structures.

For example, ethane consists of two carbon atoms single-bonded to each other, with each carbon atom having three hydrogen atoms bonded to it. Its chemical formula can be rendered as CH3CH3.

In ethylene there is a double bond between the carbon atoms and thus each carbon only has two hydrogenstherefore the chemical formula may be written: CH2CH2, and the fact that there is a double bond between the carbons is implicit because carbon has a valence of four.

The two lines or two pairs of dots indicate that a double bond connects the atoms on either side of them. CHand if there may be ambiguity, a single line or pair of dots may be used to indicate a single bond. Molecules with multiple functional groups that are the same may be expressed by enclosing the repeated group in round brackets.

For example, isobutane may be written CH3 3CH. This condensed structural formula implies a different connectivity from other molecules that can be formed using the same atoms in the same proportions isomers.

The same number of atoms of each element 10 hydrogens and 4 carbons, or C4H10 may be used to make a straight chain molecule, n- butane: Law of composition In any given chemical compound, the elements always combine in the same proportion with each other.

This is the law of constant composition.

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The law of constant composition says that, in any particular chemical compound, all samples of that compound will be made up of the same elements in the same proportion or ratio. For example, any water molecule is always made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom in a 2: This mass proportion will be the same for any water molecule.

The relative position of the two methyl groups must be indicated by additional notation denoting whether the methyl groups are on the same side of the double bond cis or Z or on the opposite sides from each other trans or E.

Such extra symbols violate the rules for chemical formulas, and begin to enter the territory of more complex naming systems.CHAPTER-BY-CHAPTER ANSWER KEY CHAPTER 1 ANSWERS FOR THE MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS 1.

Ch 1 4 answer key

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