Clytaemnestra and medea women out for justice

Myth of the Week: Clytemnestra Monday, November 7th, After Medea, Queen Clytemnestra is probably the most notorious woman in Greek mythology. She is also one of the most magnetic, mesmerizing in her fierce determination to kill the man who killed her daughter.

Clytaemnestra and medea women out for justice

Two adult females seeking justness Clytaemnestra and Medea are two adult females who are seeking justness for a incorrect committed by their hubbies. Agamemnon sacrificed their girl Iphigeneia, in order to quiet the Thracian air currents. For Clytaemnestra this brought much hatred towards Agamemnon.

Here Agamemnon had betrayed Clytaemnestra and their girls trust, and for that she sought retaliation. Medea sought to kill everything that was of import in Jason?

Clytaemnestra and Medea are similar but yet different in the ways that they define justness, setup up their victims, carry out the merely sentence and in the terminal justify their actions. Clytaemnestra feels the lone justness for the decease of her girl, Iphigeneia, is the decease of Agamemnon.

Act for an act, lesion for lesion! Medea besides sees decease as the lone justification for her hubbies? Medea says here that she wishes to kill Kreon, the male parent of the princess Jason will marry, the princess and Jason.

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Medea subsequently says that she must besides kill her kids to do Jason hurting. In their shaping justness Clytaemnestra and Medea both feel decease is the lone justness.

However, with Medea she does non mean to kill Jason. In order for Clytaemnestra to seek justness for her girls?

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Clytaemnestra gives a large address when Agamemnon arrives stating everybody how? She laid ruddy tapestries for him to walk on, and made him experience as though he was worthy plenty to walk on them. Like Clytaemnestra, Medea uses her words to do Kreon and Jason feel as though she is being sincere.

Medea convinces Kreon to allow her hold another twenty-four hours before she is banished, by stating him that she needs to happen a topographic point to populate and that she needs to?

Medea tells Jason that she is incorrect for what she has said and that he is right for get marrieding a princess, because it will be better for their kids Medea Clytaemnestra and Medea set their victims up by doing them experience as though nil is incorrect. Clytaemnestra decides the manner to kill Agamemnon is while he is bathing, there he is defenceless.

Clytaemnestra carries out the sentence that she sees merely by cut downing Agamemnon with a blade three times. Then she kills Cassandra, Agamemnon? Medea, on the other manus does non utilize beastly force at first to kill like Clytaemnestraalternatively she uses what she knows best, toxicant.

Medea sends the kids with Jason bearing gifts for the princess. These gifts consist of a frock and aureate Crown laced with toxicant, which will kill anyone who comes in contact with it. The princess and Kreon both die as a consequence of the toxicant loaded gifts. When Medea finds out that the gifts killed the princess and Kreon she now uses beastly force like Clytaemnestra, by turning the blade on her kids.

Clytaemnestra is non every bit barbarous as is Medea. Clytaemnestra could hold killed her boy for whom she saw as a menace, but chose non to because she loved her kids so much Hamilton Could Clytaemnestra hold caused the hurting on Jason with out killing her kids?

Clytaemnestra and Medea have two different attacks to warranting their actions. She was non a liquidator in her ain eyes, she was an executioner.

She has punished a liquidator, a liquidator of his ain kid,? She feels it is an?

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Act for act, lesion for lesion? Agamemnontherefore it is merely.The protagonists in each play are women who carry out horrifying acts of revenge on their husbands. Both characters – Clytemnestra and Medea – are at once heroines, villainesses and victims. Works Cited. Get an answer for 'Clytemnestra in Agamemnon and Medea are both strong women.

Compare these two characters in terms of the amount of power each has and the limited ways in which they can. Both Clytemnestra and Medea are strong, passionate women who commit a horrendous crime.

they are all out of proportion to Medea’s reasons for doing them; and they clearly show Medea to be out of her mind.

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Clytaemnestra and medea women out for justice

for only. Clytaemnestra and Medea are similar but yet different in the ways that they define justice, setup up their victims, carry out the just sentence and in the end justify their actions.

Clytaemnestra feels the only justice for the death of her daughter, Iphigeneia, is the death of Agamemnon.? Comparing Women's Revenge in The Oresteia and Medea Clytaemnestra and Medea are two women who are seeking justice for a wrong committed by their husbands. The play starts out with the “Nurse” telling the story about how pitiful and sorrowful she thinks of Medea and how she sense danger for Medea’s two boys.

The father of the woman to be betrothed to Jason, King Creon, fears the wrath of Medea and banishes her from Corinth immediately.

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