Dissertation proposal tourism

Every individual would like to go on tour when they are free from work. Tourism is a best option for the students to write a dissertation confidently and easily. Students usually remain perplexed while finding and choosing a topic.

Dissertation proposal tourism

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Dissertation proposal tourism

Proposal for Business Tourism Expansion I. Tourism Expansion in the Maldives II. Subject of Project The proposed project will be to define a detailed business plan for expansion of an existing tourist business in the Maldives.

The current business consists of a small travel business and a small tourist hotel in the Maldives. The goal of the project is to define viable expansion opportunities and Dissertation proposal tourism a detailed business plan to execute the best such opportunities and expand the existing businesses.

The ultimate outcome of the research will be a detailed, well researched, and carefully thought out set of business recommendations that, once implemented, should lead to significantly greater businesses and profits while maximizing positive impact on local economy and environmental niches.

Research Questions Several research questions will be considered in researching the proposed business plan. What are the best opportunities for expansion of the tourist business in the Maldives? What are the costs financial and other involved in each such opportunity?

What are the risks financial and other involved in each such opportunity? What are the potential profits financial and other involved in each such opportunity? What are the recommended courses of action as a result of the answers to these questions?

The key Dissertation proposal tourism of this project will be the set of recommendations for expansion of the existing businesses. The dependent variable will be the expansion project recommendation; the independent variables will be costs, risks, and potential profits of the investigated projects.

The objectives that result from these research questions are to identify and analyze the opportunities, costs, risks, and potential profits for possible expansions of the existing businesses.

This will lead to a cost-benefit analysis of these options, which in turn will lead to a set of recommendations on the options that are most likely to maximize profits and improve overall business success.

The concern of the project is two-fold.

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First to determine the best routes for expansion and greater profitability of the existing businesses. The second, more academic reason for pursuing this project is to determine the economic impact of such an expansion of small, locally owned businesses in a developing country in a remote region of the world.

The population of the Maldives is decreasing each year and has been since the early s CIA, ; U. With such economic vulnerability, the Maldives as a whole can benefit from any business activity that benefits tourism revenues.

Ideally, although specific to the businesses involved, the proposed project will provide an exemplar for how to improve the economics of remote, tourism-based regions in the world. Preliminary Literature Search A preliminary literature search provided an overview of both the Maldives tourism industry specifically, and also an understanding of the economics of tourism-based economies in developing regions such as the Maldives.

In the following review of literature, major issues of Maldivean economy and environment are introduced to indicate key elements for consideration. Tourism Demand in the Maldives Riza and King developed a model of the tourism demand for small island economies such as the Maldives to identify the determining factors that contribute to that demand.

This study used the number of tourist arrivals as a dependent variable in their investigation. The authors noted that there is only one primary accommodation for the Maldives which is the resort, and that as a matter of policy, only one resort is permitted on any island there are approximately islands in the Maldives.

Thus, there are currently 87 resorts in the Maldives, each with activities such as sunbathing, diving, sailing, and fishing. In large part, the Maldives are limited by their low-lying status; no island exceeds two meters above sea level, placing all of them in grave danger due to rising sea levels as a result of global climate change.

Riza and King also noted that the typical length of stay is 8 to 9 nights and has been quite stable at that level for more than 20 years, with the vast majority staying between one and two weeks.

The authors looked at five key countries which represent sources for most Maldivan tourists: The model Riza and King developed considered variables such as tourist income, cost of living in the Maldives, cost of living in competing destinations which included a set of 16 alternate tropical island destinationsthe cost of travel both to the Maldives and to the competing destinations, the cost of tourist-consumed goods, government tourism marketing expenditures, and an estimate of private tourism marketing expenditures.

Additional factors included the impact of the ongoing War on Terror given that the Maldives is primarily a Muslim country.Tourism is a best option for the students to write a dissertation confidently and easily.

Students usually remain perplexed while finding and choosing a topic.

Dissertation proposal tourism

However tourism . Where To Look For A Well-Written Sample Dissertation Proposal In Tourism. Writing academic papers is quite a challenging task for students of different grades. Finding A Great Dissertation Proposal Example In Tourism.

Tourism is a major part of the economy for many places. When the fishing industry or traditional means of income become exhausted, the beaches and the beautiful flowers make a location a very attractive place for a vacation.

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Tourism and Hospitality Dissertation Topics for How economic conditions of a country impacts its local tourism: Identifying the economic factors influencing tourism sector Purpose: Through this research, economic factors which tend to impact the local tourism of a country are going to be highlighted and critically analyzed.

Holidays Dissertation Topics. Holidays is a kind of tourism that grabs the attention of individuals thinking about environmental and social concerns. Apr 05,  · Tourism dissertation proposal is an prerequisite requirement for continuing work on the subsequent tourism caninariojana.comon: N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix,

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