Gibberish writing a cover

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Gibberish writing a cover

Are You Writing Gibberish? A week ago I spent a day with a gang of girl poets generating new work. We each brought a prompt.

gibberish writing a cover

Poets have mixed feelings about prompts. I like the pressure of writing to the clock. I find that kind of tension creative. We did two prompts in the morning, 20 minutes each, followed by a read-around with minimal commentary.

The philosophy in operation is that the poet should first have an opportunity to work through several drafts before the poem is exposed to a real critique. We had lunch together. Then we circled up again and did three more prompts.

gibberish writing a cover

So everyone left with 5 new drafts in progress. Not all will make it into poemdom, but a number will. One of my favorite prompts of the day began with these words: The words had been tossed out by a Gibberish Generator.

The prompter had put in some lines from Hamlet and then the generator did its thing. Our job was to translate the gibberish into the opening lines of a poem and go from there. My first effort began as follows: Six weary cornstalks with a cow nearby lying down, their distressful corn sounds and cow sounds will make spinning with the bees regarding heartache part ache, part joy.

That ended my translation part. Then I kept going from where that left off. Six weary cornstalks, a cow nearby, distressful corn sounds and cow sounds make singing with the bees regarding heartache part ache, part joy. Not happy with that last line.Use our sample 'Sample Gibberish Phrases.' Read it or download it for free.

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