Has kings dream been achieved essay

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Has kings dream been achieved essay

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. The status of that vision is that freedom and equality are offered and freely available but a good many refuse now to grasp hold of that concept.

They were given false hope with the Civil Rights bill of The democrats actually attempted to block it by fillibustering. President Johnson signed into law a great many changes with no way of paying.

Members of the DNC began going door to door enrolling people into the welfare system, promising them money and that the federal government would take care of them. When they looked back at the numbers they'd enrolled, they said "You see? Instead of seeing how many could be enrolled, they should have seen how many they could get off the system and be made to be self-sufficient.

As it stands, Hurricane Katrina showed us just how many have been made a slave of that very system. Their government, starting at the mayor's office failed them miserably.

Offered "free" education, many have turned their backs on the system and in so doing, have denied themselves and their children a future of prosperity. King's dream was of asymilation. Those who choose not to fall in line and instead do what they can to ensure future economic success, are branded as sell outs.


So subterfugal and pervasive is this mindest that neither side white or black sees or recognizes it for what it really is. Those pushing it, have turned the country into an "Us VS Them" situation in which one side if not both will surely lose.

To make matters worse, we have instituted racism with months set aside to honor one race above all others. We have invented contributions to reflect what they "Collectively" not as individuals have done for society.

Has kings dream been achieved essay

Most are patent falsehoods, designed purely with the intent of building on a pack of lies, a self esteem that is severely lacking. King would be truly saddened if he saw today where his dream has gone.

He would cry out for an end to this garbage and would call village leaders to accountability for having not lead their people to the promised land and a piece of the American pie.


Just my humble opinion and observation -- having lived it.Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision has not been fulfilled. Martin Luther King's vision was to eliminate "race". He wanted people not to judge each other on whether they are "black" or "white".

He wanted people to be categorized by who they are in the inside, not by what color their skin in. Race shouldn't even be a word. The government allows all races and sexes to eat, and to sleep, and to vote, and stay where they please.

Before Barack Obamas election only one third of Americans believed MLK’s dream had been achieved. After his inauguration, that fraction raised to two thirds. Americans have the power to rid the world and themselves of racism.


Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech was made to thousands of people at the Washington Monument while facing the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, Dr. King called upon Americas to consider all people, both black and white, to be united, undivided and free.

I Have a Dream speech In his iconic speech at the Lincoln Memorial for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, King urged America to "make real the promises of democracy." King synthesized portions of his earlier speeches to capture both the necessity for change and the potential for hope in American society.

I Have a Dream Today race has become a sensitive issue. People have forgotten the difference between discrimination and racism, basically merging the two into one.

Has kings dream been achieved essay

Discrimination, reverse discrimination, racism, reverse racism is heard almost every day. It appears in almost every subject matter today. Aug 28,  · The March on Washington and Dr. King’s “Dream” speech would play an important role in helping pass the Civil Rights Act, and the pivotal Selma to Montgomery march that he led in would provide momentum for the passage later that year of the Voting Rights Act.

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