Ict for higher education case studies from asia and the pacific

Preface[ edit ] One of the many challenges facing developing countries today is the preparing of their societies and governments for globalization and the information and communication revolution. Policy-makers, business executives, NGO activists, academics, and ordinary citizens are increasingly concerned with the need to make their societies competitive in the emergent information economy. With ICTs they can leap forth to higher levels of social, economic and political development. We hope that in making this leap, policy and decision-makers, planners, researchers, development practitioners, opinion-makers, and others will find this series of e-primers on the information economy, society, and polity useful.

Ict for higher education case studies from asia and the pacific

Engaging students in online learning: What can we learn from massive open online courses MOOCs? Comparing digital badges-and-points with classroom token systems: Effects on elementary school ESL students' classroom behavior and English learning.

Factors influencing peer learning and performance in MOOC asynchronous online discussion forum. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology. Effects of a blended learning approach and gamification.

Ict for higher education case studies from asia and the pacific

The impact of digital divides on student mathematics achievement in Confucian heritage cultures: A critical examination using PISA data. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education. A critical review of flipped classroom challenges in K education: Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning.

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Using Twitter for education: Beneficial or simply a waste of time?.

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Additional Findings from Three Cases Studies. Further Findings From Three Cases.

Ict for higher education case studies from asia and the pacific

Towards a model of engaging online students: Lessons from MOOCs and four policy documents. Promoting Engagement in Online Courses:LIM Cher Ping is a Chair Professor of Learning Technologies and Innovation at the Education University of Hong Kong and the Editor-in-Chief of The Internet and Higher Education.

He was a Professor of Education, Director of International Partnerships and Di. The final part of the chapter presents a series of case studies from teacher education institutions in the Asia-Pacific region, which are specifically linked to the implementation of the key components.

ICT in Education; Inclusion and Gender Equality in Education; A new era for mobility and internationalisation of higher education in the Asia-Pacific. Blended Learning for Quality Higher Education: Selected Case Studies on Implementation from Asia-Pacific.

Sep 25, Mobile Learning Readiness and ICT Competency: A Case Study of High School Students in the Pacific Island, In Proceedings of Asia-Pacific World Congress on Computer Science and Engineering, IEEE, Nadi, Fiji, Accepted.


ICT for higher education case studies from Asia and the Pacific [10]. Using ICT to reduce transaction costs in agriculture through better communication: A case-study from Sri Lanka Harsha de Silva and Dimuthu Ratnadiwakara. Early adoption of information and communication technology can allow developing countries in Asia and the Pacific to move from labor-intensive, natural resources-based to knowledge-based economies.

Higher education institutions must adopt an institution-wide, holistic information and communication.

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