Parental involvement week 2 paper

Faced with poor test scores, community dissatisfaction, a lack of student enthusiasm and almost nonexistent parent participation, ABC Middle School must find answers and find them fast. Research demonstrates that parental involvement is a key component to the success of middle school aged children.

Parental involvement week 2 paper

Excerpt from Article Critique: Some of which were texts and the other is a group of 48 sixth grade students from whom the study was based on. The article was peer reviewed and featured in a textbook as well as a magazine publication.

Parental involvement week 2 paper

The research question was structured as a question and given its own mini sub-section, it was indeed clear and stated at the very beginning: The authors' hypothesis had a separate section for the hypothesis and explained, they believed there was no connection between reading attainment and parental participation for sixth grade middle school pupils.

The purpose of the author's study was to "to determine the relationship between reading achievement and parental involvement for sixth grade middle school students. The participants were forty-eight sixth grade students who completed parental involvement surveys.

Because the answers were based on survey questions, the information derived for the study is quantitative. The scores the authors derived from both the student and parent surveys were than compared to the student's reading level. These are numerical values so this further proves the results and the study leans more towards quantitative.

Additionally the information gathered was then statistically compared to help determine potential existence of a correlation, by using the "Pearson Product Moment Correlation formula.

The first part was getting the survey answers from the students. The second part was getting the answers from the parents. Then they got the scores from the students. Finally they compared all of the data to prove their hypothesis. The Procedures They clearly explained how they collected the data, by having a separate section titled: Inclusion of a Spanish survey made so the answers could be submitted from English and Spanish speakers.

The time frame of the survey was one week. With the student survey however, the survey was administered in class by an external observer. The surveys themselves were quantitative in design by offering 4 choices. There were six questions in total. The answers to the survey themselves were done as: Each response of never was worth 1 point, almost never 2 points, sometimes 3 points, and frequently 4 points, for a possible score of From here they averaged out the scored and derived an overall score.

Parental involvement week 2 paper

Most of the study's information was derived from the study itself, however, there was some supplementary information added to support and provide background to the reading comprehension levels of middle school kids as well as discuss whether or not the possibility for a link to parental involvement and reading scores existed.View Essay - EL PAPER from EDU at Spring-ford Shs Gr Ctr.

Running head: PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT AND STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT American College of Education Graduate Education Parental%(4).

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Parent Involvement significant research on how parental involvement affects students, explanations for why parents do not get involved, and what role both schools and teachers play in creating an atmosphere conducive to parents becoming actively involved in the educational process.

Parental Involvement Case Scenario Parental Involvement, Adam is a fifth-grader diagnosed with a learning disability who receives instruction for all core subjects in the resource room with the special education teacher. Free parent involvement papers, essays, and research papers.

This file includes SEI Week 3 Parent Involvement Plan Partnership with Parents for Child General Questions - General General Questions Continue . Parental Involvement Week 2 Paper Parental Involvement Parental Involvement Joi I. Booty Grand Canyon University SPE Module 2 May 9, Introduction This essay will strive to discuss the effects of the No Child Left Behind Act on special education reform, specifically the relationship between parents and teachers.

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