Performing arts coursework help

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Performing arts coursework help

As one of the top performing arts colleges, NYFA offers programs and workshops offered in both acting for film and musical theatre.

Students at NYFA have the flexibility to pursue their individual passions while building a holistic understanding of the world of performing arts.

Performing arts students have the opportunity to work alongside aspiring filmmaking, cinematography, producing, digital editing, and screenwriting students.

Not only does this give them the chance to perform original, well-produced material, but it also gives them exposure to the essential elements of the filmmaking process. Students graduate with a new and comprehensive insight that will prove invaluable as students navigate the professional world of the performing arts, including theatre, acting in films, and musicals.

The School of Performing Arts at the New York Film Academy provides multiple paths for students interested in acting for film and musical theatre to pursue their passion among our many full-time, intensive programs in the hub of performing arts that is New York City. Be it a four-week workshop or a two-year conservatory program, students can engage in their chosen field while making the time commitment that is right for them.

Students are expected to fully commit themselves to studying the performing arts by attending classes, lectures, and demonstrations and working outside of class on film and theatre projects with their classmates. The performance art instructors are a mix of award-winning film, television, and Broadway professionals.

These talented men and women can not only teach you the skills to succeed in your profession, but will also offer the industry insight that will give you an edge in the professional world. Just one of the many reasons why NYFA is one of the top performing arts colleges.

Students emerge from their chosen performing arts program with the invaluable knowledge of how to handle themselves on both a film set and theatre stage.

Performing arts coursework help

In addition, they possess an intimate knowledge of the many roles at work in a production, helping them to be much more well-rounded performers who are as comfortable acting on a film set as performing on stage.

Ranging from degree programs to short-term workshops, our courses are designed equally to appeal to individuals of all acting backgrounds and prepare them for the rigors of a career in acting. Not only will performing arts students receive practical film set experience, they're taught by experienced instructors who have a passion to teach and share their invaluable insights.

Master of Fine Arts in Acting for Film: A two-year accelerated graduate degree program, the MFA in Acting for Film program is offered at our Los Angeles and South Beach campuses where students have the unique opportunity to film scenes on the backlot of Universal Studios or the streets of Miami while also receiving hands-on in-class instruction to help them develop their craft and navigate the challenges inherent to acting for film.

Over the course of the two-year program, students will perform in a number of short films and scenes, learning the arts of directing, screenwriting, and editing to not only push them in developing their acting craft, but also receive footage of all their recorded performances that they can use for their acting reel.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting for Film: Over the course of the BFA in Acting for Film program available at our Los Angeles and South Beach campuses, students will not only receive extensive experience in acting in front of a camera, but also complete a core curriculum in the liberal arts and sciences, providing them with a well-rounded education that they can apply to their professional pursuits.

Core competencies that students will develop over their eight semesters include creating believable performances across a diverse range of scenes, studying the history of screenwriting, displaying competency in video production techniques, mastering one's bodily movements, developing a personalized business plan, and synthesizing the various skills learned in the program to create a singular artistic vision.

Associate of Fine Arts in Acting for Film: Designed for students with a high school diploma or its equivalent who wish to focus solely on acting for film, the four semesters of the AFA program provide an intensive immersion for students looking to pursue a career in acting by focusing solely on their craft.

Students receive training in building a solid foundation in the acting craft and then learning how to apply those skills in front of a camera, ultimately assembling an acting reel of short films and scenes that they will be able to use in finding work. One-Year Conservatory for Acting Program: Offered at our New York, Los Angeles, and Gold Coast, Australia locations, the one-year conservatory acting program is an intensive immersion into the world of acting for film.

Students hone their acting craft in classes and workshops, with evenings and weekends spent in rehearsal and class or extracurricular film shoots.

Performing arts coursework help

From the program's first week, students participate in filmed exercises that are reviewed by faculty and students. In addition, students also work on the production of short films and scenes that they create and star in, culminating in footage that allows them to develop their professional reel.

Two-Year Conservatory for Acting Program: Expanding on the skills and crafts learned in the one-year program, the two-year acting program is held at our New York City campus where students increase their skills in physical characterization, movement, combat for film and character study while gaining additional skills in voiceover and dialect work, culminating in an expanded location shoot on professional grade equipment.

For students wishing to obtain an education in acting for film, but are looking for a shorter or part-time commitment, the performing arts school offers a host of short term workshops aimed at preparing aspiring actors for the particular challenges presented by acting in front of a camera.

Students interested in making a full-time commitment might find our Four-Week or Eight-Week Acting for Film Workshop to be a fantastic introduction while those unable to make a full-time commitment should look into our Twelve-Week Evening Workshop.

The New York Film Academy's Performing Arts School is committed to offering students the right program or workshop to fit their particular needs. There is an audition process for our musical theatre programs and workshop, so students are required to have singing and some dancing ability.

Students can expect a rigorous course schedule, which includes an extensive introduction to the necessary skills to succeed in a musical theatre career. Students in the performing arts school will work with a world-class faculty of professional actors who have appeared in Broadway musicals, touring productions, television, and more.

Requiring the same level of intensity and commitment as our Acting for Film conservatory programs, the One-Year Conservatory Musical Theatre Program is a two-semester program held in the premier musical theatre hub, New York City. Students interested in the program should possess singing and movement abilities, as they will spend two semesters learning and rehearsing musical numbers that they will perform for their classmates and instructors at the end of each semester.

Building on the fundamentals and skills learned in the One-Year Musical Theatre Program, the two-year program combines the Musical Theatre School with coursework from the Film and Acting Schools in order for students to explore and attain a mastery of performing on-screen.

In addition to the mastery of voice and movement learned in the one-year program, the second year allows students to gain more experience performing on stage and in front of the camera while developing their own unique style as musical theatre performers. Four-Week Musical Theatre Workshop: The workshop often serves as a gateway for many of the students who are so excited by the program that they go on to apply to our one- and two-year musical theatre programs.

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One of the top visual arts and performing arts colleges in the nation offering BFA degrees in Art, Dance, Design, Film, Interior Architecture, Performance Production, and Theater, and Bachelor of Music. Contact us at ARTS. Contact Information Bursar.

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