Sales and ethics

From academics to astute businessmen, many people have studied the relationship between making money and doing the right thing, and yet little agreement has been reached over the matter.

Sales and ethics

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Common Ethical Issues for Salespeople

Countless individuals receive calls from salespeople that mirror this example, as a result, the profession of selling suffers.

How many times have you received a call at your home at 9pm at night from a salesperson soliciting newspaper subscriptions or whatever. You find it beyond irritating. You may yell at them, you might ask to speak to their supervisor or simply say No matter what your reply, the career of selling becomes the victim.

Ask any young person who is graduating college and has decided on a career in sales what their peer group said to them when they announced that they were going into sales. The answer is always the same; "Why do you want to go into a career where you have to lie? No more than a year ago, my partner and I were asked to train Soar Selling by a highly successful corporation in Newport Beach California.

The evening before, we were in the lounge discussing our strategy for the next day.

Sales and ethics

As we shared ideas we began a discussion with a woman sitting next to us and discovered that she was in sales with a large organization and happened to be in the hotel for a meeting.

She asked what brought us to California and we explained that we had just co-authored a new book called Soar Selling and were here teaching the concepts in a seminar tomorrow. She asked what the book was about and we explained that it was focused on how to reach decision makers on the telephone.

She immediately said; "wow, I could use that I just lie to get through. We later discussed how shocked we were that she admitted to us, pure strangers that she lied to make contact on the telephone when prospecting. Knowing that she was with a very respectable and well branded firm we wondered how shocked her employer would be to learn of her prospecting strategy.

It was very disappointing. Here are 6 research based reasons why unethical selling is taking place and what leadership can do to course correct and move to a professional and ethical selling platform - Reason 1 - Quota: The pressure on sales managers to deliver sales quotas is often overwhelming.

As a result, sales managers do what they have to do and that is, push and push hard. They respond to exceedingly high quotas given to them by demanding salespeople perform.

Company Safeguards

When it comes to demand generation I have seen salespeople required to make new calls each day! If they report that they had minimal contact or minimal appointments set, the answer is often; "make more calls! The pressure is now transferred to the salesperson in the form of job loss!

As a result, salespeople do what they have to do to hit quota and save their job. Unfortunately that may include lying. Reason 3 - Lack Of Training: Often times that training takes place over a period of weeks or even Months. Consider this; most organizations provide product knowledge training, order fulfillment training and sometimes actual sales training.

Once the salesperson arrives at their respective office following training, they are facing the challenge of making numerous telephone calls in order to drive business.

On top of not knowing how to reach a decision maker on the telephone, they are provided with very little training on what to say once they do get someone on the call or how to handle objections!

In the end, salespeople emerge from corporate training only to enter the game unprepared. The problem is they are held accountable as if they were prepared.

Reason 4 - Minimal Post Training Support:Red Flag Reporting is a simple yet highly effective ethics hotline, safety hotline, Powerful case management. · Global reach. · Protecting organizations. · Protecting Ethics Hotline, Fraud Hotline, Safety Hotline. Professional Conduct.

Ethical conduct in sales and marketing means using a professional approach to customers, competitors, members of regulatory bodies and company colleagues. Practicing Ethical Sales and Marketing Working with Health Care Professionals.

Polices & Practice. Ensuring the Integrity of Our Relationships with Health Care Professionals Related articles. Our People.

For Pfizer's Gertjan Ophorst, Our Purpose. Celebrating the Catalytic Power of Your Health. Not all ethical dilemmas can be listed in a policy, so by detailing the principles and values that make up the reasoning behind the policies, salespeople and sales managers will be more prepared to .

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Apr 04,  · Unfortunately, sales management often is overloaded with paperwork and ends up delegating to a down-line manager who interacts with the salesperson on a day to day basis.

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