The corrupting nature of money in

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The corrupting nature of money in

For centuries great, brave, lonely men have been telling you what to do. Time and again you have corrupted, diminished and demolished their teachings; time and again you have been captivated by their weakest points, taken not the great truth, but some trifling error as your guiding principal.

This, little man, is what you have done with Christianity, with the doctrine of sovereign people, with socialism, with everything you touch. Why, you ask, do you do this? You dropped the theory of sexuality and chose his theory of cultural adaptation, which left you hanging in mid-air.

You had your choice between Jesus and his majestic simplicity and Paul with his celibacy for priests and life-long compulsory marriage for yourself. You forgot the living energy of your labor and chose the idea of the state.

In the French Revolution, you had your choice between the cruel Robespierre and the great Danton. You chose cruelty and sent greatness and goodness to the guillotine.

In Germany you had your choice between Goring and Himmler on the one hand and Liebknecht, Landau, and Muhsam on the other.

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You made Himmler your police chief and murdered your great friends. You had your choice between Julius Streicher and Walter Rathenau. You had your choice between Lodge and Wilson. You tortured and humiliated the great Galileo, from whose inventions you are still benefiting, and now, in the twentieth century, you have brought the methods of the Inquisition to a new flowering.

If, little man among millions, you were to shoulder the barest fraction of your responsibility, the world would be a very different place.Jun 16,  · "These findings suggest that money is a more insidious corrupting factor than previously appreciated, as mere, subtle exposure to money can be a corrupting influence," they wrote.

The researchers also found that the directness of money's role in the activities had little effect on the outcome. Money. it is said is the root of all evils, and it is the only reason the current trend in the Christian community has been drawing many pastors farther from God every single day.

There was a time when Christian missionaries were renowned for their simple lifestyle. They would leave the comfort of their homes, often in western countries, to live in Africa. Corruption and Money-Laundering. Ill-gotten gains don’t disappear by themselves.

Dictators, warlords and other criminals need ways to hide their identity and move dirty cash around the world.

Researchers have increasingly explored the subconscious link between money and corruption -- called behavioral ethicality -- to find out why even morally conscious people are able to cause harm to others.

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The corruption on Wall Street has become so deep and so vast that it is hard to even find the words to describe it. The level of greed being displayed by many Wall Street firms would make Gordon Gecko blush.

An exploration of the nature and history of capitalism. Global capitalism, colonies and Third-World economic realities.

The corrupting nature of money in
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