The responsibilities of parents in the misbehavior of their children

For a printer-friendly version, click here. Background Teenagers are at a developmental stage in life where they are spreading their wings, stretching themselves and the limits of their experience. They have also reached a period in cognitive development where they are able to more fully consider consequences of actions and are ready to exercise enhanced levels of judgment.

The responsibilities of parents in the misbehavior of their children

The responsibilities of parents in the misbehavior of their children

As a culture we need to stop blaming parents for the actions of their kids when they are simply doing their best at raising healthy children! Keep reading for some amazing reasons why we need to stop blaming parents and instead shift our thinking! How often have you seen a child throw a tantrum in a grocery store or react badly in a restaurant with loud words, and refuse to listen to mom and dad?

I can admit to being judgmental in those situations even though my own child has acted the very same way! Children are figuring things out in life and make mistakes just as adults do. Teaching children at young age to make excuses for their behavior will inevitably lead to lack of responsibility later in life.

If she wakes up one morning and just has a bad day, is it your fault as the parent for her behaviors? Instead, as a parent or even an onlooker, mentally believe that the child has a choice to make to be respectful and kind regardless of how they may feel.

Balancing Responsibilities It needs to be understood that ultimately, the child is responsible for his or her own behavior. After all, more often than not the child has seen appropriate behavior played out in front of them time after time and knows deep down right from wrong.

It can possibly stunt his ability to know the difference between right and wrong, what decisions help him and what will harm him, and what things interest him according to his personality. Release control as a parent and onlooker by not blaming anyone, but instead reinforce what good behavior should look like and how bad behavior produces negative results.

Encourage her to use words and that she is smart in expressing her needs. Positive reinforcement of good behavior works way better than yelling or blaming ever will. No two adults are the same, therefore no two children will have the same reactions in situations. Celebrate unique personalities of children by encouraging healthy expressions of their behavior.

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Knowing what your child needs to be successful will help with bad behavior issues. Accept Imperfections Lastly, instead of blaming parents and circumstances for bad behavior, acknowledge that we are all human, including the tiny ones, which means we all make mistakes. Accepting our mistakes and knowing that each day is new and brings new opportunities will give you life, truly.

Forgiveness is the healing element of blame shifting and guilt. Forgive yourself, accept your faults and move to change the areas in your life that need changing- slowly and day by day. Remember to verbally express your apologies to your child and ask for forgiveness when you mess up.

This will teach them to do the same and to grow in humility and to take responsibility as adults! I hope these reasons to stop blaming parents shed some light on your own thinking as either a parent or onlooker of parents and children.Introduction: Chapter is a continuation of God explains the relationship we have with others.

Wives and Husbands are instructed in their roles and responsibilities in the family. 1. REJECTING. Narcissistic Parents or caregivers who display rejecting behavior toward a child will often [purposefully or unconsciously] let a child know, in a variety of ways, that he or she is unwanted.

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