Toner transfer paper

September 12, One-offs that I never would have gotten professionally made, but that were infinitely handy during development A lot of us make circuit boards at home.

Toner transfer paper

Gootee This page is going to be mentioned on a TV show! Click here to skip the story about being mentioned on a TV show and go directly to the PCB-making procedure. My printed circuit board webpage this page is going to be mentioned on a TV show! I got a call, a few months ago, from a writer for the Saturday morning television program called "Strange Days at Blake Holsey High".

The episode that he was then writing would require the characters to be able to fabricate a printed circuit board PCBusing a more-or-less believable method. He found this page with an internet search and then telephoned me Apparently I was the only one dumb-enough to include their phone number, on their webpage about making PCBs, heheh.

We had a very nice and rather-long chat, probably almost an hour Interesting guy!

Toner transfer paper

According to the script page that was sent to me for my approval, a character will say that they "need to make a Gootee Board", and will mention that it is "named after Tom Gootee, who posted the instructions on the internet"!

My very own "fifteen seconds of fame"!! Maybe I should install a hit-counter on this page, again, just to see what happens, after that. But it might be enough that a web search could find it.

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So, check your local TV listings! The sharp-witted teen characters are "complex, yet believable", and are challenged with "high stakes, mystery-laden adventures".

Besides entertaining, and resonating with, the target audience, the show also educates, "by encouraging kids to look at their world and ask the questions So check it out! Here's what happened, on the show: The science class was trying out a brainwave analyzer, of some sort, when two of them somehow "switched bodies" a nerd and the football team's quarterback, no less!

But, before they could attempt to switch back, the machine malfunctioned. They later determined that the circuit board was fried and that a replacement board from the manufacturer would take several MONTHS to arrive.

Then one of the really-smart science students said, matter-of-factly, "We'll have to make a Gootee Board. The teacher then said, "A WHO-tee board? And the student said, "Dextrin glue on to the prepared paper and spread evenly with your roller until the roller slightly begins to stick to the paper.

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