Write a program in c for matrix multiplication

Given an array p[] which represents the chain of matrices such that the ith matrix Ai is of dimension p[i-1] x p[i].

Write a program in c for matrix multiplication

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In order to familiarise yourself with the specification and declaration of the class, please read the first article on the matrix header file before continuing. Our task with the source file is to implement all of the methods outlined in the header file. In particular we need to implement methods for the following: Constructors parameter and copydestructor and assignment operator Matrix mathematical methods: Allocation and Deallocation The first method to implement is the constructor, with paramaters.

The constructor takes three arguments - the number of rows, the number of columns and an initial type value to populate the matrix with. Since the "vector of vectors" constructor has already been called at this stage, we need to call its resize method in order to have enough elements to act as the row containers.

Once the matrix mat has been resized, we need to resize each individual vector within the rows to the length representing the number of columns. The resize method can take an optional argument, which will initialise all elements to that particular value.

Finally we adjust the private rows and cols unsigned integers to store the new row and column counts: Since we have not used any dynamic memory allocation, we simply need to copy each private member from the corresponding copy matrix rhs: Since there is no dynamic memory allocation, we don't need to do anything.

We can let the compiler handle the destruction of the individual type members mat, rows and cols: The first two lines of the method implementation check that the addresses of the two matrices aren't identical i.

write a program in c for matrix multiplication

This is purely for performance reasons. Why go through the process of copying exactly the same data into itself if it is already identical? However, if the matrix addresses differ, then we resize the old matrix to the be the same size as the rhs matrix.

Once that is complete we then populate the values element-wise and finally adjust the members holding the number of rows and columns.

We then return the dereferenced pointer to this.

C++ Program to Multiply Two Matrix Using Multi-dimensional Arrays

This is a common pattern for assignment operators and is considered good practice: There are two types of operators to be overloaded here. The first is operation without assignment. The second is operation with assignment.

The first type of operator method creates a new matrix to store the result of an operation such as additionwhile the second type applies the result of the operation into the left-hand argument.

The first operator to implementation is that for addition without assignment. Then each element is iterated through to be the pairwise sum of the this matrix and the new right hand side matrix rhs. Notice that we use the pointer dereferencing syntax with this when accessing the element values: We must dereference the pointer before we can access the underlying object.

Finally, we return the result: Note that this can be a particularly expensive operation. We are creating a new matrix for every call of this method. However, modern compilers are smart enough to make sure that this operation is not as performance heavy as it used to be, so for our current needs we are justified in creating the matrix here.

Note again that if we were to return a matrix by reference and then create the matrix within the class via the new operator, we would have an error as the matrix object would go out of scope as soon as the method returned.

It DOES return a reference to an object, but this is fine since the object reference it returns is to this, which exists outside of the scope of the method. Finally, we return a dereferenced pointer to this giving us back the modified matrix: If you wish to see their implementation, have a look at the full listing below.

I will discuss the matrix multiplication methods though as their syntax is sufficiently different to warrant explanation.Table of Content.

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C Program to Multiply Two 3 X 3 Matrices Multiplication is Possible iff –. C program for scalar multiplication of a matrix. There are two kinds of matrix multiplication, scalar multiplication and matrix multiplication. Matrix multiplication is multiplication of two matrices whereas scalar multiplication is multiplication of a matrix and a single number.

Addition,transpose and multiplication of Matrix. Discussion in 'C' started by Ziaur Rahman, Oct 26, Ziaur Rahman New Member. Joined: Oct 22, Messages: 11 Likes Received: 1 Trophy Points: 0 Occupation: Student Location: Pune.

Progarm for addition,transpose and multiplication of array.

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This is Program/Code for Matrix Multiplication using function in C Language. Learn C language concepts using the programs library C Program/Code for Matrix Multiplication using function. C++:: Accept Matrix As Argument And Display Its Multiplication Matrix Jun 1, I just want to know the code of the program: Write code to accept matrix as aurgument and display its multiplication matrix which return its multiplication matrix.

Let the two matrix to be multiplied be A and B. Let A be a matrix of order d*e - d rows and e columns and B be the second matrix of order e*f.

write a program in c for matrix multiplication

Note that the number of columns in the first matrix should be the same as the number of rows in the second matrix. The product matrix will be of order d*f.

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